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Birth without Violence by Frédérick Leboyer – A revised edition of the classic that changed the way children are met when they enter our world • The original. Birth without Violence has ratings and 52 reviews. Ashlee said: Written by a French doctor, this book is actually poetry, which I did not expect. How. Leboyer is often mistaken as a proponent for water births. Although Frédérick Leboyer, in Birth Without Violence (), p.

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I love the photos of the relaxed and totally aware-looking newborn babies.

Many doctors at the time even villence newborns to be blind at birth! Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! I can attest to its authenticity, for it is about me. So too, Leboyer believes, are those who don’t do enough to avoid a caesarean or an assisted delivery.

Whether this transition is made slowly, progressively, or brutally, in panic and terror, blrth make the difference between a gentle birth. She explained the reason why she had abandoned me.

Frédérick Leboyer

For the baby, the world is a terrifying place. It is not a fable But before such knowledge was made public, this must have been an extremely revolutionary text, and it’s still very needed. Yes, if this fear could be extinguished before it can take hold, how extraordinary life would be for one so blessed.

Supposedly Leboyer came up with different standards and techniques for childbirth, but this does not present them in any sort of concise or logical way. Its function is to violencw the blood take in oxygen and get rid of wastes, withokt carbon dioxide. Add to Cart Add to Cart. I feel like he took God right out of the birth It is thanks to Birth Without Violence that delivery rooms became quieter, calmer places with dimmed lighting and, sometimes, music playing quietly.


It really opened my eyes and changed the way I see the world.

Above all, this is about respect for Nature and respect for the natural process of birth and life. Though I do love the Leboyer bath, I believe bathing the infant is a procedure that is done just because it has always been done – just like all of the other procedures he covers in the book.

Birth without Violence | Book by Frédérick Leboyer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Return to Book Page. One can only imagine what it would be like to be born without this fear or with this fear immediately extinguished like a fire that’s caught before it gets a hold and becomes out of control.

Leaving it intact, however, so long as it continues to beat, transforms the whole birth experience. Future moms and dads in countries where birth does come with violence by default. When I asked her what that woman looked like, I had the totally unexpected surprise of recognizing, in her description, the woman who had caused me so many nightmares.

This, they say, often happens to prisoners. That’s basically all the useful information. But others — especially midwives, and mothers — took heed, and things changed. Being born is as painful and overwhelming as giving birth. Want to Read saving…. Day from night, summer from winter, riches from poverty, strength from weakness, never ending, without beginning.

The point of this book, of this whole story, is not just to make birth something nice. The curtain may rise. It is obviously kinder not to mention more natural to have soft lighting, and gentle voices at a birth. International Business Times UK. Although modern medicine has given us many advantages in health care, the circumstances of birth have completely changed.

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Frédérick Leboyer – Wikipedia

Everything, totally, completely utterly, and with a sensitivity we can’t even begin to imagine. Made some good points but the poetic form made it seem less scientific and believable. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

And the fact that the book only takes half an hour to read. So here’s what this book says: How do you want your baby to be born? How is it that these very simple ideas could be cotton-candied out into a whole book of goopy sloppy oozy prose?

Their hands speak, and it is their bodies that understand. Although everywhere you look, it seems to be about procedures and lsboyer and women. Leboyer attributes his interest in birth to this experience.

Frederick Leboyer: ‘Babies are overlooked in labour’

This technique produced a localized source of pain, which in turn reduced the more severe regional pain women experienced in the lower lumbar region during labor. And he’s hopelessly romantic about it all: Birth is a tempest, a tidal wave of sensations and he doesn’t know what to make of them. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Because they are modest and shy, they shun the light, prefer darkness, night. May 26, Rachel Svendsen rated it it was amazing.

Once more lets itself be filled with wastes, and then returns to the lungs. Something to r mixed feelings here.