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Bartsch, Hans-Jochen. Matematické vzorce, 4. vyd. Praha: Academia () ISBN: TURZÍK, Daniel. Matematika III: základy optimalizace, 3. vyd. Hans-Jochen Bartsch is the author of Taschenbuch mathematischer Formeln ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Matematické vzorce ( . BARTSCH Matematicke Vzorce. Uploaded by. JeremiahJohnson · Enstrom F28C RFM (). Uploaded by. JeremiahJohnson · Enstrom F28A RFM ().

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Mathematics Form of study: The subject provides students with rudiments in university mathematics, which is necessary for further study of applied mathematical as well as technical subjects. The educational aim is to provide students with reliable mathematical knowledge and skills, to lead them to the comprehension of basic mathematical terms, principles and methods and their interrelations.

Students are instructed systematically through practical examples to make use of the acquired knowledge in various spheres of life as well as applied subjects.


High Frequency Modulation Method for Measuring of Birefringence | EPJ Web of Conferences

Student describes mathematical terms and mutual relations among them. Student applies mathematical knowledge to solve real-life phenomena and problems.

Student is able to use and interpret the outcomes of the methods described above. Conditions for successful completion of the course: To be active on lessons To study pages of basic literature 30 hours To compute given exercises as the preparation for the lessons and a written vzorcs.

The written test is followed by oral exam.

Matematické vzorce

Matematika pro studenty ekonomie. SNTL,s. Theory and examples for the topic vector spaces.

Theory and examples for the topic matrices. Systems of linear equations File. Theory and examples for the topic systems of linear equations.

Theory and examples for the topic functions. Theory and examples for the topic limits. Derivative of function File.

Theory and examples for the topic derivative of function. Theory and examples for the topic L’Hospital rule.


Applications of differential calculus File. Theory and examples for the topic applications of differential calculus.