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This amp is not necessarily a high end amp but it’s good material trs, in fact I use this amp on homemade cabinet with eminence in hp to For greater savings check out our Used Audio Centron RMA Power Amp and get a great deal today!. Does anyone have this schematic? Loud Technologies doesn’t.

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The RMA provides excellent thermal performance that gives you higher continuous power when driven down into the 2 ohm range and bridged applications.


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Audio Centron combined their rugged high-output designs with well thought out circuit technology and placement to deliver unmatched performance in the professional world. Audio Centron amplifiers deliver true studio-quality sound. The RMA is a very articulate, extremely warm sounding professional amplifier. The RMA is rated at watts per channel 4 ohms, centrkn capable of delivering over watts when bridged mono and will deliver over twice this rated power under dynamic conditions.

The RMA’s full complementary output circuit using the highest-grade linear output devices delivers ultra-low distortion and a ruler-flat frequency response. The power supply is the cdntron of an amplifier, converting raw AC power from the wall to clean DC for the audio circuitry. This makes a critical difference in sound quality, allowing the amp to effortlessly punch out high level transients, even when driving abusive 2 ohm speaker loads.


With many years of building amplifiers for the largest touring companies and venues around the world, you can count on Audio Centron’s reputation for designing the most reliable amps available; that is why you still see them running today.

If you are looking for an outstanding professional amplifier, you can’t beat the rugged built and excellent sound quality of the RMA Power output: The front panel is in excellent condition; the rack ears have a few scuff marks and there is a couple of marks to the top edge of the unit.

The top panel has imperfections. The above mentioned imperfections will go unnoticed once placed into your rack leaving you with an excellent looking amplifier.

I am confdient you will akdio very pleased with its cosmetic condition.

My Commentary and Technical help: Audio Centron RMA Audio Amplifier rebuild

This amp is in perfect working order. Everything on this amp works buttons, lights switches, etcram has been fully bench tested. This does not mean that it was just hooked up to a preamp and auudio for a few minutes This amp is performing as Audio Centron originally intended. You will not be disappointed in its performance.


The RMA Series is extremely reliable. These amps are designed to run 24hrs a day. Guaranteed to arrive in working condition. Buyer to pay actual shipping no handling fees. I take pride in everything I sell.


You will be receiving a nice item that I am sure you will enjoy All items are extremely well packed by me to insure safe arrival to their final destination. Everything I ship is insured at no extra cost. I do my best to describe my items accurately and thoroughly. I rarely have issues with items sold. If an issue does arise you can easily contact me by phone centrno email.

Phone is the quickest way to get a audip of me. Most emails are answered within hrs. If you do not receive a reply within that time please email me again or call me. Every winning bidder will receive an centrno tracking number when their item is shipped, please make sure you have no filters in place that can stop yo I’ve forgotten my password. Start Free Trial Sign In. Why do I need to login to see this item?