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Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!. In many respects in ArgoUML it behaves like a package. ArgoUML is . Beginning with ArgoUML , XMI files are exported conforming to the UML I think our PNG writer writes the diagram background as transparent. Therefore if you display your PNG on a whitebackground it will be white. I think some paint.

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Downloading the Binary Executable. We are not going to mess with it in this version of the tutorial.

Import and Export

Ragouml a class in the diagram. Change the theme to “Very Large Fonts. Select other entries in this panel and click on the “Go to Selection” button in the Go To Diagram panel.

Double click in the top section of argkuml class and enter a name for the class then aargouml the enter key. These automations allow design improvements to be made faster and more reliably than they could be done by hand. Critics are quite unobtrusive. Currently Java source code is provided by default and there are modules for Java Jar and class file import.

If you might need to return to an older version of ArgoUML you should be careful to save a backup of your old projects. Clicking on this icon will open the “Medium” folder. Design Critics at Work: Since an UML model can contain an unlimited number of elements and diagrams, this should not present any serious limitations, even for modeling quite large and complex systems.


ArgoUML – Open Source Unified Modeling Language UML Tool

Watch now how the design critic note in the To Do panel disappears, leaving only the Add Elements to Package purchasingmodel note in the To-Do list. While you are working on your UML model, your work is monitored continuously and invisibly by a piece of code called a design critic.

At the moment you cannot write code for methods operations within ArgoUML. Grab the pointer in this tool and move xrgouml up and down observing the effect on the diagram.

Print with configurable options Print ex;ort design from the highly configurable print previewer. Using Models Created by Poseidon.

This allows you to align, distribute and reorder model elements on a diagram and set the layout strategy for the diagram. Double click on it and then click in the Edit Pane for the class diagram in three different locations.

In the window change to the directory holding your ArgoUML files and type java -jar argouml.

Export UML Diagrams as PNG, JPG, SVG and More

Move the cursor back onto the Edit Pane and left click on some part of the diagram where you think it will fit. The main window exoprt the drawing window where you create your diagrams. Design critics are part of the practical application of the theories of Cognitive Psychology that are implemented in ArgoUML.


Class B should be selected again. Click on “No” and then in the file choosed argoiml comes up select the “DeleteThis. The screen of ArgoUML is split in four different panes.

The Explorer Pane is fundamental to almost everything that you do and we will be coming back to it again and again in what follows. Complex designs are made up of hundreds of elements with complex relationships to each other. Discuss differences with other tabs about locations of items selected. Please notice that the File menu contains the usual options for creating a new project, for opening an existing project, for saving a project under a new name, for printing the currently displayed diagram, for saving the currently displayed diagram as a file, and for program Exit.

If you get completely stuck and you have no local assistance, try the web site, particularly the FAQ.

The menu item Arrange allows you to align or group elements. At this point, you can choose to change the package name manually or to impose silence on the design critic for some time or permanently. Xeport you find one that it can’t open, please file a bug report so that a developer can investigate.