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IN William Heberden’s classic descrip- tion of angina his vivid portrayal of the symptoms of angina pectoris . The recognitioln of anginia pectoris is de-. William Heberden (13 August – 17 May ) was an English physician. Physicians) were papers on chickenpox () and angina pectoris (). His Commentarii de morborum historia et curatione, the result of notes made in his. Variant angina, often termed Prinzmetal’s angina, Prinzmetal angina and less commonly Dr. William Heberden is credited with being the first to describe in a .. idioventricular rhythm · Catecholaminergic polymorphic · Torsades de.

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William Heberden 13 August — 17 May was an English physician. He was born in Londonwhere he received the early part of his education at St Saviour’s Grammar School.

Variant angina – Wikipedia

In he became a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London; and two years later he settled in London, where he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society inand enjoyed an extensive medical practice for more than thirty years. At the age anginx seventy-two he partially retired, spending his summers at a house he had taken at Windsorbut he continued to practice in London during the winter for some years dee.

In he was made an honorary member of the Paris Royal Society of Medicine.

Inhe recommended to the College of Physicians the first design of the Medical Transactions, in which he proposed to collect together such observations as might have occurred to any of their body, and were likely to illustrate the heberen or cure of diseases.

The plan was soon adopted, and three volumes were successively laid before the public.

Classics in cardiology: Description of angina pectoris by william heberden – Heart Views

William Heberden, who was also a classical scholar, published several papers in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society ; and among his noteworthy contributions to the Medical Anginw issued, largely at his suggestion, by the College of Physicians were papers on chickenpox and angina pectoris His Commentarii de morborum historia et curationethe result of notes made in his pocket-book at the bedside of his patients, were published in and again in The eponymous Heberden’s nodes of osteoarthritis are named after William Heberden senior, who included a chapter on arthritis in his Commentaries on The Geberden and Cure of Diseases.


First to Elizabeth Martin inwith whom he had one son Thomas —later Canon of Exeter, but she died in He remarried to Mary Wollaston, daughter of Francis Wollaston —and had a further eight children, of whom only two survived their father, one being William Heberden the Younger —who followed his father heberdne medicine, and heberdne other Mary — who married the Rev George Leonard Jenyns.

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hebereen This article is about William Heberden the elder. For his son, see William Heberden the Younger. Retrieved 30 November Full text at Internet Archive archive. A Cambridge Alumni Database.

Commentarii de morborum historia et curatione.

William Heberden on Angina Pectoris, 1772

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Wikisource has original works written by or about: William Heberden the elder physician — James Gambier, 1st Baron Gambier naval officer — Althea Hyde Wollaston — Thomas Heberden priest — George Leonard Jenyns priest and landowner — William Heberden called the Younger physician — Elizabeth Catherine Miller — Maria Jane Gambier — Se Jenyns priest, author and naturalist — John Stevens Henslow priest, botanist and geologist — Susannah Catherine Buller — Walker King Archdeacon of Rochester — Charles Buller Heberden classical scholar and academic administrator — Walker King priest — Edward King Bishop of Lincoln — Family tree of the Heberden family.


William Wollaston priest, master and scholar — John Francis Fauquier bank anginq — Francis Wollaston scientist — Francis Fauquier governor — William Wollaston MP — William Wollaston army colonel and MP — William Heberden physician — Francis Wollaston priest and astronomer — Charlton Wollaston physician — George Wollaston priest — Francis John Hyde Wollaston natural philosophy professor — George Hyde Wollaston — Mary Anne Luard se William Hyde Wollaston chemist and physicist — Henry John Wollaston — Alexander Luard Wollaston — Susannah Charlotte Morris — George Pollock army field-marshal and baronet — Henry Septimus Hyde Wollaston — Mary Ann Blanckenhagen — Sarah Constance Richmond — Charles Buchanan Wollaston priest — Thomas Vernon Wollaston entomologist and malacologist — Julia Adye Catharine Buchanan — George Buchanan Wollaston architect and botanist — Henry Francis Wollaston — Elizabeth Rumsey Naylor — Alexander Richmond Wollaston surgeon and explorer — Stanley George Buchanan Wollaston — Caroline Elizabeth Harper — Charles Henry Reynolds Wollaston footballer — Arthur Naylor Wollaston civil servant and author — Caroline Marianne Woods — Herbert Arthur Buchanan Wollaston navy rear-admiral — Margaret Ermyntrude Buchanan Wollaston — Charles Earle Raven theology professor — Gerald Woods Wollaston herald — John Earle Raven philosopher —