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Alkanes – saturated hydrocarbons. The names The halogen is treated as a substituent on an alkane chain. Alkenes and Alkynes – unsaturated hydrocarbons. Organic: Nomenclature–Alkanes, Alkenes, & Alkynes.  . Other Actions. Embed Nomenclature: Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes. basic IUPAC naming. The nomenclature for alkanes is based on To name an alkane, first identify the .

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Earlier, most of the compounds with the same structural formula were known by different names depending on the regions where they were synthesized.

This naming system was very trivial since it raised a lot of confusion. IUPAC nomenclature of alkanes, alkynes, and alkenes are explained below:.

Alkanes are the simplest hydrocarbons known to us. Alkanes belong to the noomenclature of saturated hydrocarbons that is; they contain only sigma bond linkages between carbon and hydrogen.


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Alkenes and alkynes, on the other hand, are unsaturated hydrocarbons. In case of alkenes double bond linkages are seen and in alkynes, triple bond linkages are present. Detail discussion on Alkanes Physical Property.

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