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If you’d like to earn money consistently trading Crude Oil without stress, this is the most important book you’ll ever read. Hi, I’m Aldo Lagrutta,. And today, I’m going to share the exact reason why it’s so difficult for you to make money trading Oil even if you have been trading other. Aldo Lagrutta, CFTe®, CEWA, MSTATechnical Analyst, Certified Financial Technician® Certified Elliott Wave Analyst, is arguably the greatest Concert Guitarist.

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You have produced an amazing, timeless course here. Those 5 waves are only a portion of a larger downtrend.

Subscribe now and receive weekly newsletter with educational materials, new courses, interesting posts, popular books and much more! Without a mentor it would be impossible to make the progress I have accomplished. Look how obvious the termination of a,do trend is right after counting the 5 waves inside 2 and 3.

Aldo Lagrutta

Therefore we would have not even thought of the possibility of buying. In fact, you can think of it as a mini mentoring with Aldo and myself.

Page 34 All you need is a good strategy, right? Thus, we would have not taken the trade. Of course there’s a money-back guarantee. You don’t even have to send anything back. However, to have full confirmation that the bounce is imminent, you have to follow step two. I realize this is very inexpensive. Parallel to his worldwide concert travels and recordings, Aldo engages his entrepreneurial talents in a variety of industries.

Parallel to his worldwide concert travels and recordings, Aldo engages his entrepreneurial talents in a variety of industries:. And if you are a serious novice who wants to learn some of the best set ups specifically designed for trading oil, this book is also for you.


You don’t even need to send the book back. How to trade oil with certainty and peace of mind, even if you use poor trading set ups. Oh, and in case you’re wondering Under the careful tutelage of her father, she specializes in trading all the energy markets, futures, stocks and options.

So if you are a professional trader, you can use the suggestions I give in the book to improve upon your own set ups. The Oil Barrel is a lavrutta clever, kind and gentle indicator… it warns you with enough anticipation that a trading opportunity is about to happen.

Before he would even speak of strategy, he did webinars that taught about trading psychology. All while you trade with confidence and your trading hours can be reduced substantially so you can finally have the freedom to lagritta the life you want. Notice what happened, right after we entered, price rallied to This series aldi videos is a perfect complement to the OB study because most traders that come to us are unknowingly ruining their results using strategies designed for other markets instead of following a system proven to match the personality of the CL market.

I studied science and engineering at Steven Institute of Technology. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk of actual trading.

None of my degrees, experience or world class certifications gave me what I needed to help Kristin trade safely, profitably and stress free so she would be as enthusiastic about trading for a living as I was. First you may have a green arrow if you are getting ready to buy or a red arrow if you are getting ready to sell. Your trading sessions are an exciting experience that you look forward every day.

Finally, you get the footprint and you are ready to enter.

This is a detailed training where you will see REAL examples of trades and how to manage them. Yes, you heard correctly! If you are new to trading And after years of experience in the Oil Industry as a Professional Analyst, trader and teacher, I can now give you a summary of what works in Oil Trading without any fluff, but the exact set ups that work and that professionals are using every single day in the industry.


We promised you in the beginning of this video to show you a very effective set up.

Instead of doubting and missing opportunities, your new indicator tells you exactly where the trade will have the highest probability of success.

You won’t regret it. The stop in this case will be Aldo is a multifaceted member of adlo team. Aldo is the best that I have seen in this business, anyone will be well satisfied with the results when learning from Aldo.

Aldo Lagrutta – Bio & Discography

You see… Kristin and I were always together, we worked together traveled for concerts together during tours and did everything together.

Aldo is an elliotician. With the proper money management and the right psychology, one can actually lagdutta a regular income just by applying this simple strategy. As you know, trading is a solitary occupation and after years doing it alone, Aldo wanted his wife Kristin who is a pianist and ballet dancer to learn to trade with apdo.

Just leave you name, e-mail, and your question below. You will not be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that. Thanks to aldo I have become a much better trader.