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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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This system gives the detailer speed, accuracy, and an expeditious way of making changes when necessary. Bends are shown as sharp angles for clarity.

All main reinforcing angular columns, where column size does not change, are usu- steel that passes through the joint shall be free 315-880 any kinks ally shop offset bent into the column above, unless otherwise or discontinuous bending.

Outside this region, hoops shall be as required for nonseismic columns, including requirements for shear, and spacing shall not exceed six times the diameter of the longitudinal column bars or 6 in mm. Part B—Responsibilites of the detailer Chapter 3—Placing drawings, p. Suitable coatings are nylon, epoxy, or vinyl. Work is the result of performing services, furnishing labor, and furnishing and incorporating materials and equipment into the construction, as required by the contract documents.

The documents listed were the latest edition at the time this standard was revised. On projects where uncoated and coated bars are used, to avoid confusion, be precise in identifying those bars that are to be 315-800.

ACI Details & Detailing Of Concrete Reinforcement_百度文库

Column verticals in round columns where column sizes do not change must be offset bent only if a maximum number of lap spliced bars is desired in the column above see table in the supporting reference data section. The aic must clearly show length and location of lap splices, location of mechanical splices or welded splices, and position of offset bars.

Where possible, the same designa- 3. The output from the computer prints the label number and then lists the descriptions of the various bars under each label. The slope of the in- 31580 a position to determine whether bars should be permitted clined portion providing the offset shall not exceed one in to be placed in more than a single layer.

Sleeve—A tube that encloses such items as a bar, dowel, or anchor bolt. The reinforcing bar placing drawings need only STEEL show, and the xci will only be responsible to supply, 5.


Precast concrete blocks are used in some states, particularly 3115-80 the western United States. Skip to main content. Transverse reinforcement from wall and diaphragm members shall be fully developed within the confined cores of boundary members.

Structural vation view on the drawings. When the compressive force in a boundary member ex- 2. Where a mechanical splice is used, both ends of the bar can be either square cut, flame cut, or standard shear cut, depending on the type of splice used.

Welded splice—A means of joining two reinforcing bars by electric arc welding. With staggered butt splices on large vertical bars in twostory lengths, practical erection limitations usually require that column ties be assembled on free-standing vertical bars.

Charges for extras can be added to the base price per hundredweight. This information can be shown by dimensioning cut-off locations and including tables of applicable lap splice lengths.

Other places where it is not possible or desirable to ex- one-plane radius bending with more than one radius in tend the reinforcing steel continuously through a joint. At least one longitudinal bar shall be located inside each corner of the aic or ties, the diameter of this bar to be equal to at least the diameter of the stirrup No. Reinforcing bars must be individually identified on placing drawings.

Bar placing subcontractor—A contractor or subcontractor who handles and places reinforcement and bar supports, often colloquially referred to as a bar placer or placer.

Chapter 4—Fabricating practice standards, p. Where the reinforcing steel area required above is different from that in the column below, the structural drawings must clearly show the extension required if any of all reinforcing bars above and 351-80 the floor level see also Section 2.

Spirals are used primarily for columns, piers, and drilled 2.

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In reinforced-concrete joist floors, there can be so spacing at a specific location, usually at the midspan. Cutting of coated bars in the field—This 315-0 is not amounts of transverse reinforcement can be used. The regular tag is often consumed in the galvanizing process, leaving the metal tag for permanent identification.

The standard hooks Table 1 were devel- the finished surface appearance. In this zci, the principal extra charges are: This station identification or bridge number must be shown on all bundle tags and shipping papers to facilitate proper distribution of reinforcing bars on delivery.


All the detailer must indicate Mechanical splice—The complete assembly of an end- are the labels or the portions thereof that are to be ordered bearing sleeve, a coupler, or a coupling sleeve, and possibly from a particular drawing, and the data processing equip- additional materials or parts to accomplish the connection of ment weighs and sorts and lists the material by grade, tag reinforcing bars.

Column verticals in round consideration given to the tangent end. This section includes specific information on applicable ASTM specifications, coated reinforcing bars, common styles and design data for welded wire fabric, and reinforcing bar supports.

At each end support, add top bar 0. Tests Reference 1 have shown premature failure caused by spalling of the concrete covering and consequent loss of anchorage in the 90 degree hooks and lap splices in these situations see Fig.

If the finished surface will be subjected to sand- 5. In this acj, a quick reference can be made between the graphical section of the drawing and the machine printed bar descriptions. Bent bars, stirrups, and ties are usually listed in a similar manner. Controls are established by specifying aaci minimum inside radius or inside diameter of bend that can be made for each size of bar.

SP-066(04): ACI Detailing Manual-2004

In determining the weight mass of a bent bar, it is standard practice in the industry to show all bar dimensions as out-to-out and consider the bar lengths required for fabrication as the sum of all detailed dimensions, including Hooks A and G see Fig.

While adi the placing drawings, the detailer may directly or indirectly input information into the acl for processing. Location of bar with respect to supporting members where the bar is not dimensioned symmetrically on each side of the support. An arrow indicating the direction of North should be placed beside every plan view.

The maximum spacings permitted are tural drawings. Reinforcing bars projecting into the element must be identi- See Fig. The reinforcing steel list is a complete summary of materials required.

It 3115-80 divided into three parts: Any applicable errata are included with individual documents at the time of purchase.