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Documents Similar To by Luke Jermay (PDF).pdf. hack by peter Luke Jermay – Building Blocks. Uploaded by Luke Jermay – Words. Uploaded by. First let me say that I don’t own the book, so take everything I say with a grain of salt, however most of what I’ve heard is that it has very few. : Buy By Luke Jermay online at low price in India on Check out By Luke Jermay reviews, ratings, specifications and more at.

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Methods to zero in on the correct spectators for your effects. The worst I have seen in any book, magic or otherwise. It also features a working example of how applying the small touches to an effect can make all the difference. As one of the publishers of this book would say: Jul 15, Las Vegas really is the best place in the world to see both great and terrible magic. Here I share my personal thoughts on the world of Ny magic.

It is not always easy to review a book in terms of quality. Feel free to contact us. CopyrightPenguin Magic.

A collection of presentational additions that can be added into many effects that you already perform as well as all the effects featured within this book. View our Frequent Questions. Aside from Touching On Hoy my favorite effect in this was one in which a ring is claimed to have healing properties, and when taken off, a large hand scar appears on your hand, and when put back on, the scar heals. Customer reviews for Jermay attributes the ‘Rashomon Principle’ to “an old story-telling technique first used by the late and great Rashomon”.

From making time stand still, traveling backwards in time, scars healing themselves, incredible coincidences, a game of life and death, demonstrating your “grift sense” while charmingly stealing from your spectators, revealing innermost fears and stealing watches with your psychic power Its all very odd. Although the material Luke presents is fascinating, it is so poorly written that it distracted from the material.


But, don’t let this turn you off, the material that you find later on is worth well more than the asking price of the book.

The Magic Cafe Forums – by Luke Jermay review request

It makes sense in PK Touches because the very effect is the touching. This features a cold approach to working with suggestive methods as well as a honing method design for the stage performer and a method designed for the close up worker. Certain essays remind me of specific performances and places.

This features a cold approach to working with suggestive methods as well as a honing method design for the stage performer and a method designed for the close up worker. The one thing the ideas presented in this book all have in common is that jfrmay were formed in part because of jermxy countless “bad” magic and mentalism shows I have encountered on my journeys. I am presented with exactly forty-five minutes to sum up my feelings about the book.

He has different presentation including a way to make the spectators has mindreader which I really liked, it deals with time and I could see this going in a watch routine. From the best of the best to the worst of the worst, Vegas is your place. Vegas is a town that has in the short while I have lived here already deeply affected my approach to magic and mentalism.

In this chapter I take a closer look at the “Dunninger Ploy” and jrmay its use in relation to a card effect using a prop you almost certainly already own. Now, looking back over it, I find it a genuinely nosaltigic read. Ramadhan Yunus rated it really liked it Apr 27, Each point is complete with working examples from my own repertoire.

Jer,ay one of the publishers of this book would say: Also, this bugs me the most: David de Leon Elite user Sweden Posts.

The book is very good all in all, like most people say it’s Luke most mature work. Customer Reviews showing 1 – 10 of Luke Jermay is one of the most creative minds in mentalism I’ve come across.


Luke Jermay describes his latest thoughts about mentalism, mental magic, and bizarre magic. So in a way I have all the shows that have made me feel sick watching to thank for their inspiration in questioning my own performances at a jeray level. Again, my criticism is not content-based in the first place although, to some degree language always affects the contents it tries to convey.

Three spectators are seated on stage and one is asked to think of shape, another thinks of a date, and the third spectator thinks of a name.

3510 by Luke Jermay – Effects

You start by reading about Touching on Hoy. Methods to zero in on the correct spectators for your effects. They really merely think of it. jeramy

Fred marked it as to-read May 15, The book doesn’t only suffer formal injuries but also factual misconceptions: Books by Luke Jermay. This is an original quote from Cody Sanders rated it it was amazing Jan 02, A chapter featuring effects that mix the classic methods of magic and mentalism with suggestive techniques to create bold and new effects never before possible. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for!

You will find a solid write up on improving performances as well as good clean, yet very strong effects in this book.

Bernie Amler marked it as to-read Jan 01, I hold many good memories attached to the writing in this book and some not so good memories. In fact, it was named after the narrating principle of a film by Akira Kurosawa, featuring four distinct testimonies on the same incident. Have a question about this product?